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Children and young people aged between five and 18 can receive support from specialist female counsellors in a fully equipped therapy suite. The counselling includes a range of techniques including talking, play and creative therapies as well as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming) to help with trauma. 

The counselling will enable a child or young person to explore their experiences in a way that best suits them and to have their feelings understood. 

Children aged between five and ten are assessed for counselling in partnership with the adults involved in their care, to ensure the child gets the most out of their counselling. CRASAC also provides specialist support to parents or carers of children who have been affected by sexual violence. 
All the counsellors who work with children and young people receive specific specialist training and are fully trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures.    

Referrals to CRASAC can come from parents, carers, professional and the young people themselves and are handled completely confidentially.  

Short-term crisis counselling is available for children and adult women who have attended a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). This is a short term therapy which doesn’t work with the deeper trauma related to experiencing sexual violence, but helps manage the impact on day to day life, providing support, sympton management and coping strategies. 

To speak to someone about our counselling services contact our Information Line or make a referral.

Safeguarding Children Policy

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