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Our Community Outreach team provide inclusive and culturally sensitive support to groups and communities across the city to raise awareness of sexual violence and the support services available. 

From our research, The Price of Honour (2014), we know that there are various barriers to reporting and disclosing abuse particularly for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups. We know that stigma attached to sexual violence maintains low levels of awareness about what sexual violence is. The pressure of avoiding shame and preserving the honour of the family, further silences victims and survivors. 

We recognise that language barriers and a lack of trust in professionals prevents access to services and our staff team consists of women representative from some of those communities which helps to build trust.  

We understand support needs to be accessible in the community and deliver workshops to community groups in a non-threatening way. Confidentiality is very important to us, and we offer a safe space to provide information about our services and ways to access support.  

Young people’s prevention work: 

To bring about real change and a reduction of sexual violence and abuse, children and young people need to be educated at an early age about healthy relationships.  We deliver workshops to primary and secondary schools, and in various community settings on topics which include:  

  • Consent 
  • Safe touch and personal space 
  • Myths and stereotypes 
  • Awareness of sexual violence and rape culture 
  • Online sexual exploitation and grooming. 
Young people prevention poster

Download Young people prevention poster

For more information on our work in the community or partnering with CRASAC contact 

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