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Our frontline specialist, independent and confidential services are for people of all ages, genders and faiths who have experienced any form of sexual violence, at any time in their lives. This also includes online abuse and exploitation.

If you have been recently assaulted you may wish to visit a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). There is no pressure to report to the police but the SARC will be able to take forensic evidence in case you wish to report at a later date.

Our services are not just for survivors of sexual violence. We also provide specialist help to children conceived of rape, families, and those who have been indirectly affected by sexual abuse. 

We have expertise in some of the specific fears and pressures which may be experienced by Black, Asian, Minority and Refugee (BAMER) communities and provide an impartial, non-judgmental space for LGBTQ survivors. 

Our safe and supportive environment can help you to overcome the effects on well-being, health and mental health, and regain the lost power and control as a result of sexual violence and abuse. 

Helpline is the first point of contact for all our services.  Call us on 
024 7627 7777 to find out how we can help. 

Rape Crisis England & Wales run a Live Chat Helpline for women and girls aged 16+ who’ve been impacted by sexual abuse, rape or any kind of sexual violence.


Contact us on 024 7627 7777 or email for confidential advice and support. 

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Counselling & Therapy

One to one specialist counselling with experts in trauma informed practice.

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Crisis & Advocacy

Specialist crisis and advocacy service through our team of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs).

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Make a Referral

Survivors are encouraged to contact us directly to access our services. If this is not possible, then a professional or supporter can make a referral on their behalf.

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