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CRASAC supports parents of children who have been sexually abused, and also those who may find parenting skills a struggle due to their own experiences of sexual violence as a child. 

It can be devastating to deal with the impact after a disclosure that your child has been sexually abused. You may feel isolated, struggle with your own emotions and unsure how best to support your child.  

CRASAC’s parent support services will give you strategies to cope with behavioural and emotional issues as part of a therapeutic parenting model to help you to best support your child. 

Parent support sessions are offered as group, joint or on a one to one basis. They provides a safe space for parents and carers to talk to others who understand what they are going through. 

For parents who are survivors of sexual violence or childhood abuse, CRASAC provides group and one to one sessions for those who may struggle with parenting as a result and are anxious about keeping their own children safe. 

To speak to someone about our parent support services contact our Information Line or make a referral

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