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To help manage the impacts of sexual violence and abuse, additional support is available to clients who are waiting to start counselling and for those who are moving on from CRASAC’s main services.

Pre-therapy workshops

Taking the step to ask for support is difficult, and waiting for counselling to start can feel like a state of limbo for many people while processing their experiences and hopes for the future. 

CRASAC’s pre-therapy workshops are designed to provide extra support while you wait and are tailored to suit the needs and availability of our clients.  

Designed to be empowering, these workshops aim to help you understand the impact of what has happened to you on your day-to-day life and will provide support for managing those impacts. 

You can choose to attend as many or as few sessions as you need, and it’s an ideal way of seeing the centre and therapy rooms before starting counselling.   

The workshops are delivered in groups and will cover areas such as:  

Current pre-therapy groups: 

  • Women (19 and over) 
  • Young women (11-18) 
  • Men (19 and over)

“I felt so supported during the workshops. The tempo of the sessions was perfect and included enough information and support without feeling overwhelmed. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Pre-therapy participant

Post-Service Support 

We know that endings can be difficult for some of our clients. If you’re looking for additional support our post-service groups are a safe and nurturing space to help move on.  

The groups meet regularly and are an opportunity to connect with other survivors, reinforce or build your toolkit of coping strategies, and to find out about other sources of support in the local community. 

Facilitated by CRASAC’s specialist support workers along with invited guests from local agencies and community partners, activities and themes can include: 

  • Yoga and meditation  
  • Self-care 
  • Therapeutic craft  
  • Exploring safe and healthy relationships  
  • Signposting 
  • Social prescribing
  • Next steps and self-development 
  • Input into CRASAC service development and external research. 

Current groups: 

  • Women’s Circle (19 and over) – meets once a fortnight for 6 months. 
  • Young women’s transition groups (11-18) – meets monthly for 12 months. 

“The workshops have helped me see that there is a way forward – I’ve found the path in the woods and I just need to walk it now!”

Women’s group participant

To speak to someone about our counselling services contact us or make a referral.

Pre-therapy and transition services are funded by:
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