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Ella* – Helpline Volunteer

Ella has volunteered with CRASAC since early 2019 after learning about victim support and the limited resources available as part of her Forensic Psychology university course. 

As a helpline volunteer, Ella gets involved in a range of admin duties while focusing on providing emotional support to clients who access the service. 

She has received regular training to develop her skills which enable her to provide the best service she can and is supported by a supervisor to help with any concerns or questions. 

Ella says: “I was immediately drawn to the commitment and passion that CRASAC has supporting victims and survivors of sexual abuse and wanted to be part of that. 

“The best thing about working at CRASAC is knowing the difference we’re making in the lives of victims/survivors. It could be the simplest lift in their voice on the call or a thank you, just because you listened to them.  

“Knowing you’re able to help someone through a difficult time is the most rewarding aspect of volunteering and working alongside the CRASAC team with their support, empowerment and passion is completely invaluable.  

Sarah* – Helpline Volunteer

Sarah has volunteered at CRASAC on the helpline for over two years and is now training to become a therapist. 

She works alongside another helpline volunteer to provide a confidential space for people who have experienced sexual assault and are in need of trauma-based support and guidance. 

Like all helpline volunteers, Sarah receives in-depth and regular training with staff members and a supervisor on hand to provide guidance and practical advice. 

Sarah says: “It’s important to be able to provide victims and survivors with someone who will listen to them in a nonjudgmental way and enable them to support themselves through terrible times.  

“The best thing about volunteering for CRASAC is the people that work there. They’re such a wonderful accepting support network who bear witness to some of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life.” 

Julie* – Helpline Volunteer

Julie began volunteering on the helpline after she received therapy with CRASAC to help her through her experience. 

For the past five years she has provided emotional support to all those that call in, and attended an intensive training course to enable her to carry out her role. 

Julie says: “I was initially worried about potential ‘triggering’ issues but the the staff and training really helped with that. Knowing that I can help people who have gone through a crisis is the best thing about volunteering for CRASAC, and I was keen to give something back to the centre after the support they gave to me.” 

* Names have been changed to protect identities. 

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