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Stay Hydrated 

Even mild dehydration can cause us to feel tired and fatigued.  Drinking water can boost your mood, reduce headaches and make you feel more energised.  Drinks with caffeine may feel like they help but they are diuretics causing us to use the toilet more frequently so we are less hydrated.  


Getting moving may be the last thing you feel like when you are really tired but just a 15 minute walk in the morning can be enough to boost energy and wellbeing.  

Power Naps  

If you struggle to sleep at night, you may worry that a short nap in the afternoon will make this worse. This is a myth and there is some evidence that just ten – 30 minutes of sleep can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and boost energy levels during an afternoon slump. Power naps don’t replace the sleep we need at night and can even help to improve night-time sleep patterns as long as the nap is not for too long or late in the day. 

A 20 minute powernap is more beneficial than a 20 minute lie in. 


Ten – 30 minutes of mediation may also reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. It promotes better sleep and may reduce the amount of sleep you need to feel rested. 


Even minor dehydration can cause you to wake up not feeling your best so it’s best to pack your diet with high water-containing foods such as fruit and vegetables. See our recommendation for the eight best foods to help you sleep.

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