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Early traumatic experiences or abuse within the family can significantly impact on a child’s development, ability to form healthy relationships, and can lead to complex behaviours born from anxiety.

Common behavioural parenting models or teaching approaches are less successful with children who do not trust adults and who do not trust adults to discipline them. In fact, some recognised approaches can heighten these complex behaviours.  

This course is designed to explore attachment theory, how it may present in children and young people, and to explain how to respond effectively as a protective adult. It is suitable for professionals, foster carers and adoptive parents. 

This course will enable you to: 

  • Understand attachment theory and recognise different forms of attachment.  
  • Understand the different behaviour cycles. 
  • Know how to respond to and deal with difficult behaviours. 
  • Manage attachment behaviours in the home – PACE model 
  • Manage attachment behaviours in school – PACE model 

We recommend a short consultation prior to booking in order to ensure the training is tailored appropriately. Contact or 024 7627 7777 for more information.

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