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Research and experience shows that that frontline workers can be traumatised by the experiences of those they are working with. This training is for those whose work may bring them into contact with people who have been traumatised, and staff who are responsible for health, safety, and wellbeing. 

This course will enable you to: 

  • Understand vicarious trauma and its effects. 
  • Differentiate between stress, burnout and vicarious trauma. 
  • Be aware of the indicators of vicarious trauma and ways to spot the signs in others. 
  • Know where to access advice, support and guidance. 
  • Understand the strategies available to help minimise vicarious trauma and the coping mechanisms when working with traumatised people. 

We recommend a short consultation prior to booking in order to ensure the training is tailored appropriately. Contact or 024 7627 7777 for more information.

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