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This training is aimed at frontline workers who support children, young people and vulnerable adults. It is in accordance with local safeguarding statutory policies and procedures. 

This course will help you to: 

  • Understand the importance of safeguarding. 
  • Understand the difference between Children and Vulnerable Adults. 
  • Improve knowledge of current legislation.   
  • Know what should be contained in your organisation’s policies and procedures.   
  • Identify and respond to safeguarding issues appropriately. 
  • Understand individual and organisational responsibilities. 
  • Understand when to take action to safeguard vulnerable adults, children and young people.
  • Develop robust safeguarding policies and procedures.

We recommend a short consultation prior to booking in order to ensure the training is tailored appropriately. Contact or call 024 7627 7777 for more information.

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