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Does your organisation come into contact with victims or survivors of sexual violence or abuse? The first response to a disclosure of abuse is vitally important to ensure they feel believed can access support. This training will equip frontline workers, safeguarding leads and managers with the confidence to respond to disclosures appropriately – resulting in better outcomes for victims and survivors. 

The course will help you: 

  • Recognise how disclosures can be made, verbally and non-verbally in adults,  children and young people.  
  • Recognise the possible indicators of sexual violence or sexual abuse.   
  • Understand how people may react in the event of sexual violence and in the  aftermath of an experience. 
  • Identify and address barriers to disclosure. 
  • Respond  effectively and confidently to a disclosure.   

We recommend a short consultation prior to booking in order to ensure the training is tailored appropriately. Contact or call 024 7627 7777 for more information.  

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