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Managing the impacts of sexual abuse and violence

Our pre-therapy workshops offer emotional support to clients who are currently waiting to access CRASAC’s counselling service. 

Taking the step to ask for support is difficult, and waiting for counselling to start can feel like a state of limbo for many people while processing their experiences and hopes for the future. 

Designed to be empowering, these workshops aim to help participants understand the impact of what has happen to them on their day to day lives and provide support for managing those impacts. 

The workshops are delivered in groups over a series of weeks and cover: 

  • Boundaries 
  • Self-care 
  • Understanding your body 
  • Trauma and the brain 
  • Anxiety and panic 
  • Flashbacks 
  • Sleep and nightmares 
  • Next steps 

To speak to someone about our counselling services contact our Information Line or make a referral.

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